Our recent annual output is over 300 sets of tools, 60% of them are supplied to European and American customers.
We have provided excellent tools and jigs for the Automotive, Medical and Home Appliance etc. industries. Our end customers include Bentley,Lamborghini,BMW,Mercedes-Benz,BMW Group, LandRover-Jaguar,Aston Martin,Audi,Renault-Nissan etc. Our portfolio of Automotive products include such varied solutions as Bumper,Grille,Lighting system,Instrument panel,Centre Console, HVAC,Door panel,Pillars,Sunroof system,Rediator tank,Engine system and Air intake system etc.

You can do injection molding in your own way. That’s because our web-based approach allows us to provide more choices, even on complex parts. These include domestic and low-cost international production options, aluminum and steel molds, compression molding, overmolding, etc.

We always do our utmost to supply our customers with very competitive cost level and shortened lead times. We are always eager for new projects and challenges, and would welcome the opportunity to provide our services for any engineering solutions that our customers require.
Cowwin’s Mission Statement is to create a shared win-win partnership with our past and future customers ! .