• Mold Making

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Cowwin is committed to developing and building high quality plastic injection molds within days of the first phone call you make to us. From mechanical parts to auto parts, all of this can be achieved through our state-of-the-art molding processes.

Typical mold tooling materials

The Injection mold is the vehicle through which the plastic parts are manufactured , on the Injection moulding machine.
Injection molds can be used for both mass production and short run parts. Generaly the short run parts are made from a more cost effective material and are referred to as Prototype molds.
Dependent on the Plastic raw material specified molds can be manufactured from pre-hardened steel or fully hardened and stainless steels. Our team are happy to help and guide the customer with these multitude of different options.

Testing the mold performance

Tool Try out ‘s are carried out on ALL tools to prove the tool is both mechanically sound and the part is correct to design specification. On mass production tools we generally expect three tool try outs , before the tool is approved for shipping to customer site.
With Prototype tools this can be a different process as the Mold is tried out parts are then tested by the customer and by its very nature the part will require changes, this is development and because the Prototype mold is made from soft Aluminium or steel , the changes are relatively simple. The mold may be changed once or many times dependent on customer requirements. After all changes have been completed the prototype tool will generally run off a few hundred parts. The mass production tool can then be manufactured from steel .

Manufacturing metal mold

If you placed an order for the manufacturing metal mold then later realize that your design has flaws, it will be very costly to rework the mold. Reworking a faulty mold is sometimes almost as expensive as the mold itself. Making a test mold is only 30-40% of the cost of a mass production metal mold. By purchasing a test mold prior to manufacturing, you guarantee that your parts are fully functional before making the manufacturing metal mold. Further, it saves you the incredible potential losses you could incur if your order for mass production results in a flawed product.

Modern computerized equipment

We use state of the art CNC  machinery to quickly and efficiently manufacture both Prototype  Aluminium and Steel Molds.  Prototype Aluminium molds have around  40%  faster machining times than steel.

Creating large complex mold

Aluminium molds can be coated usually this is for easing the release of parts from the mold. Aluminium is also a much better conductor of heat than steel

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